Beat The 3Bs Digestion Repair

Do You Suffer with the 3B’s?

Burning – indigestion, reflux, pain

Bloating – belching, farting, gas, pain

Bowel problems– diarrhoea, constipation

Without good digestive function we are missing the most fundamental building block of good health. This is concerning given we are in the middle of an epidemic of digestive disorders. It appears our gut function has never been worse, with western diet, high stress, distracted eating and overuse of pharmaceutical drugs helping drive the prevalence of the 3B’s

Put your painful and embarrassing symptoms behind you for good!  Renew your health and vitality with one of the most effective strategies for rapidly improving the state of your health.  We offer simple easy to follow detox programs with practitioner support from start to finish.  Begin by changing some daily lifestyle habits and reducing your exposure to toxins by following these lifestyle tips and using our Detox Allowable Food List

Choose from the 8 week Beat the 3Bs Digestion Repair, 6 week Integrated Detox for Wellness or the 2 week 3Bs Express Detox Program

Email Jenny for more information on the Beat the 3Bs Detox Programs

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