Biohawk has searched nature to find a broad range, rapid, safe, natural treatment for and prevention of serious diseases caused by viruses, bacteria and food intolerance and allergy and their associated autoimmune diseases, and has also discovered an important key to good nutrition and palatable food for humans and other animals.

Biohawk’s approach is to use common plant foods – ginger spices and pineapple – rich in their unique natural enzymes

  • to digest proline-rich proteins and carbohydrates in your food and from membranes of cells that are resistant to digestion and that cause food intolerance and allergy and other serious diseases
  • to reduce the risk of autoimmune diseases
  • to repair life’s damages to our bodies
  • and to prepare Safe Nutritious Food 4ALL with all minerals, vitamins and energy fully released

Biohawk’s mission is:

  • To learn from nature how to improve human health and nutrition and other animals’ health and nutrition
  • To reduce the risk of food intolerance and allergies and associated autoimmune diseases
  • To produce more palatable and healthy food and drinks economically without unnatural treatments  and with reduced impacts on the environment, with less food required to meet nutritional needs
  • To produce commercial animals with markedly improved animal welfare and with lower intake of feed and water to protect these scarce resources and without contributing to greenhouse gas production
  • To assist disadvantaged people by working with well-equipped and staffed medical clinics to improve their nutrition and to focus on food intolerance and the serious diseases that flow from a hypersensitized immune system




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