This week’s Good News from Biohawk 17th Jan 2017


Hey Cliff,

I am just writing to say a great big thank you for helping me out, and letting you know how much this ginger has helped me so much. You don’t know how much happier I am to be back to myself again.
Since my mum and dad put me on ginger I have felt like a kid again and as a 14 year old girl I felt left out because I couldn’t do the things other 14 year olds could do like play sports and stand up for ages without being sick or feeling dizzy. I am on top of the world and there is nothing better then feeling like you can do anything. Without this ginger I was very weak, dizzy, nauseas, sick, tired quickly, couldn’t move fast, had no ability to run or have any fun and that was a huge deal because of school and it was very hard to concentrate in class and focus on my work. In the morning all my joints were really stiff, it was hard to get out of bed and get moving. At times, it was even hard to read a book or magazine, watch TV or stay concentrated for a long period of time. I felt as if my life was
getting harder to handle because of being non stop dizzy and tired and having no idea why. I didn’t know what was wrong with me. After several visits to the doctors and numerous blood tests for over a year, neither did they. It really started to scare me. I felt like I wasn’t going to be able to be a kid again, and I sadly enough was giving up on trying and hanging in there. I was having too many days off school and was lacking work because of my insane amount of tiredness from not being able to sleep at night and being sick, I starting getting very down about it and didn’t know how to start handling it.
Most of the time I didn’t eat either because I couldn’t handle feeling sick, it was making me ill. It was only after my visit to the Mater Hospital that mum and dad said enough of the doctors and blood tests. They thought that if there was no hope this time to try something else and that’s when we came straight to you. I am overwhelmed that they came to you and didn’t know why they didn’t do it early, as they agree too. I couldn’t not believe it when I first walked in I met you, showed you my current blood test then bam, out came what was wrong with me, I honestly could not believe it. It was amazing, I say we weren’t even talking for more than 30 minutes and we brought the ginger and left.
That ginger is incredible. You would never know that something as simple as that would literally change my life. I feel so much better; there aren’t even words to describe it. It has not only made me feel better and more alive, but it’s made my period pain so much more of a relief and cleared my head up incredibly. I do believe that it was an allergic reaction to cervical cancer injections at school that caused this, that no body else could pick up, except you.
yours sincerely
Cassie; Australia

Restless Legs & Painful Bloating IBS

I had had a bloated sore tummy on and off for over a year and had to wear loose clothes. The doctor put me on the FODMAP diet eliminating lots of foods from my diet. This didn’t relieve my symptoms. We were going away for a month and I was getting desperate, as I couldn’t wear half my clothes. When I went back to the doctor I was told medically there was nothing more that could be done. I also suffered from Restless Leg Syndrome and for 10 years had been plagued by poor/no sleep. I began worrying about how I was going to enjoy my holiday or if I should even be going away!

A friend advised me to try a Naturopath so feeling apprehensive I made an appointment to see Jenny who even on the phone reassured me she would be able to help me. Music to my ears! Jenny put me on Relief Digestion Aid for my bloated tummy and 2 products for the restless legs. At first my symptoms seemed to get worse but after a month I felt so much better and whilst on holiday I only had a couple of days where my tummy felt bloated and I managed six or seven hours sleep most nights. 12 weeks later I rarely experience that bloated feeling and my legs are heaps better. Some nights I even sleep right through the night! I have more energy and feel like a new person Marg;Katikati

Previous weeks Biohawk:

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

I want to tell you how Biohawk saved my colon and gave me back my health. Today I’m as well as I’ve ever been, but a year ago I was so sick I almost chose to have my colon removed to save my life. If I can save even one person from the pain of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) and an unnecessary surgery I will be very happy.

After the death of my Mum 6 years ago I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, a chronic autoimmune disease often triggered by stress, causing painful bleeding from an ulcerated bowel. Over time my symptoms got worse with extreme weight loss, chronic fatigue, constant pain and fear of having a toilet accident in public. I was also worried I couldn’t be the best mother i could be to my baby daughter. My specialist put me on immune suppressing drugs but after a time even they didn’t work and the side effects were as bad as the disease itself!  I felt this was just sticking a band aid on it anyway, not getting to the root cause. He told me I should start thinking about having my colon completely removed. I felt defeated, was this what the rest of my life was going to be like!

I’d heard about Upbeat Health and, desperate for help, I went to see Jenny who spent time assessing my situation and gave me hope I could get well. Deep down I felt there must be another way than the drugs and surgery. Jenny started me on a Detox Diet straight away, then on the Biohawk products.

In the first week taking the products my symptoms worsened and I was terrified. I stopped taking the Biohawk but luckily Jenny followed me up with a call and was able to reassure me that many people with IBD have this experience for a couple of weeks but then everything improves dramatically after that. So I started back on the products along with a strict Paleo-style diet and can now report I have put on weight, am once again in control of my health and am better than ever.

When I was so sick one of my biggest fears was not being able to get pregnant again, and it is a great joy to me that I now feel confident to continue our family and have another baby. Biohawk has given me back so much – grateful thanks  A;Katikati BOP

previous weeks

Lyme Disease & Autoimmune Disease

(note from Jenny – this is quite long but really worth reading)

I am writing this letter to let other Lyme disease and autoimmune disease sufferers know that there other very effective treatments (which do not have side effects) for Lyme disease and autoimmune disease. I am also writing to express my thanks to the man who has given me my life back…..Professor Cliff Hawkins.

I contracted Lyme disease as a 15 year old, in 1987, from a paralysis tick. The tick came
from a creek, lined with long grass, near the Pick n Pay Hypermarket in Aspley, Brisbane. I
had never been out of Australia at this stage. The tick had been in my hair and was a fully
engorged adult tick. While I clearly recall the tick it would be 27 years before I understood
the effect this incident had on my life.

Within a few weeks of having this tick I had chronic fatigue and was having severe problems with concentrating and my memory. I was finding it almost impossible to read or study and couldn’t remember what people were saying to me. I found it very difficult to talk due to what I now know is aphasia. I went from being a straight A student ( having won an Australian junior science award for a physics assignment the previous year, a state geography award only months earlier and representing the school in maths) to feeling like I had the cognitive function of a five year old and severe chronic fatigue within the space of a few months. I also had neurological symptoms. I had no idea what happened.
I struggled through the next few years at school and although I could no longer study, I got into university. In the first few months of university I noticed large lumps in my throat and the fatigue and memory problems made it impossible to study at all. Un-beknown to me these were all classic signs of Lyme disease. I felt like a zombie on Valium. A specialist at the RBH told me that without doing a biopsy, he was 95% positive that I had advanced Non- Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. The specialist advised me that I could forget about university because I wouldn’t live till the end of the year. I didn’t go back. He was wrong.

I developed Hashimoto’s within a year of having the tick though it wasn’t diagnosed until
2001. (I was told at that stage that I shouldn’t be alive and that I should have been using
thyroid replacement hormones since my late teenage years.) I spent the years from ages 15-26 desperately looking for answers, and was very upset by the response I got from doctors and the endocrinologists I saw. None of these doctors did any tests for thyroid function, autoimmune or Lyme disease. I was constantly told nothing was wrong. I can’t express in words how distressing this was. I had always been involved in sport and in my late teens became involved in distance running. I enjoyed the challenge of training hard and seeing what I could achieve in the sport but my training was very inconsistent due to the extreme unexplained fatigue. I found running was a great outlet for my problems, so I pushed myself when I was able to and I kept improving.

In 1997 I had run a marathon in a time which gained me selection to Athletics Australia’s team to compete in the World Athletics Championship. Early in 1998, after joining up with
Australian Institute of Sport distance coach Dick Telford, I won the Paris International
Marathon. I had only done 10 solid weeks of training but couldn’t run properly for months
afterwards. For my entire running career, I had to use every ounce of energy just to train and there were many months that I couldn’t run at all, or do anything else for that matter. I was fatigued and struggled to get out of bed, I would often have to lie down for much of the day. Most often I could not read, write or watch television or even string a sentence together due to the cognitive problems and severe “brain fog”. Regularly I would pass into what felt like an almost comatose state.

Between 1997 and 2000 my running career continued, even though I knew I had serious
health problems that could not be explained. Due to my state of health I could never train
consistently at my potential level for my ability. At this stage I was making a professional
living from the sport. In 2000 I made the Olympic marathon team. I had won the California International Marathon in late 1999 but was losing function of both legs the following day. In July 2000, I lost function of my left leg (what I now know as Trendelenburg’s sign) and I had very similar progressing neurological problems to MS. (These symptoms had been coming and going for years) I didn’t know what was happening and kept training as best I could. The Olympic marathon was the last of a few races I could not finish due to Lyme and autoimmune disease.

It took until 2001 to get a diagnosis for Hashimoto’s and lupus. The doctor assumed the lupus was systemic due to the kidney and liver malfunction I had at the time. I also had a third autoimmune disease, Sjogren’s, at this time. However the Sjogren’s was not diagnosed until 2015. I also saw thyroid specialists, a lupus specialist and endocrinologists. I was prescribed various medications to treat Hashimoto’s and lupus. I did not improve at all with any of the symptoms of Hashimoto’s, despite the treatment with these drugs. This was due to the fact the autoimmune diseases were triggered off by the Lyme disease and I was resistant to the thyroid drugs. I wouldn’t improve until I eventually started addressing the cause of all the autoimmune diseases. I found out later that these diseases were triggered off by the borrelia bacteria from Lyme disease.

At the end of 2013 and after 27 years, I found out from an accredited Lyme doctor that I had Lyme disease. The doctor carried out tests that required blood and urine samples to be sent to the United States. They came back as 100% positive for Lyme disease. I was told I would need to use antibiotics for the next ten years at least. (He gave me an alternative of using antibiotics for 3-4 weeks to kill the co-infections of Lyme and herbs for the Lyme. Although this herbal treatment made big improvements with the Lyme, I had an extreme reaction to it and had to stop using it. I later found out that it was 80 % glycerin which can cause severe complications in people with autoimmune disease. I have also since found out that antibiotics ALWAYS make autoimmune disease worse. I was devastated and didn’t know where to turn. I was also angry at the doctor’s response. I had wasted a lot of money, time and emotional energy dealing with the medical system. I moved on. I, like many others failed to find answers in conventional medicine. All of the medication I had used since 2001 had only made me worse and my general well-being deteriorated. Over the years since I first contracted Lyme I had not been able to function at anywhere near my normal capacity. Often I had to use my total concentration and will power to perform even simple tasks. On many days I have been totally incapacitated.

As the years past the symptoms from the Lyme disease got worse. Searching for answers to my health condition had been stressful, frustrating and expensive. I had been unable to
continue with my successful professional running career or any other career due to my health. In the prime years of my life I had been severely disabled by the effects of Lyme disease. I had literally given up hope when I get a text from a friend telling me to check out Biohawk. I checked out the website and noticed something different to all the other products out there…..the founder of Biohawk is a highly respected Professor of Chemistry and Medical Science. I am sceptical but decide to go to his free 2 hr lecture. The lecture impresses me – ALOT. I learn more about both Lyme disease and auto immune disease in the lecture than I have learnt in 30 yrs. And more impressively, Professor Hawkins backs it up with science. I decide to try the Biohawk products (Pineapple crush and Ginger Relief)
Within a week, the neurological pain that has plagued me for almost 30 years is totally gone. I am in shock. Within 4-5 weeks I have improved with both Lyme and auto immune disease beyond what I could have imagined possible. I estimate an 80% improvement. (The thyroid drugs and autoimmune drugs and antibiotics have taken their toll so it might take a bit of time to improve further.) The “brain fog” which I had 24/7 for almost 29 yrs is almost gone. I cannot believe this. Biohawk not only delivers the goods, but has the scientific evidence to back it up. Biohawk gets to the root of the problem……it doesn’t just cover up the symptoms. There are no side effects. After 8 weeks of using Biohawk, I cannot put into words the difference this has made to my life. I am no longer using any autoimmune drugs.
For 30 years I searched in desperation for answers, for help, to no avail………then I found
Professor Hawkins…….I found Biohawk. The rest is history. Professor Hawkins……..thank
you………..for giving me my life back.

Acute Eczema

“After a year and a half of itching, trying different diets, using steroid creams and putting up with it, I visited Jenny at upbeat Health. Jenny listened to me and suggested I use Biohawk products to bring my immune system into line, as it has been super sensitive, meaning my body was reacting to all kinds of food.  I have been using Biohawk Digest Easy and Relief to treat my food and myself for just under one month now and my itching has calmed down, my skin feels more nourished and stronger. I can feel that it is being healed. The Skin Rejuvenator has been the icing on the cake, healing my scabs and scarring from the steroid cream. I love how my body gets a real zing from the daily morning and evening shot of Digest Relief, making me feel like I have more energy as well. Thanks for all your help Jen.”  TP;Bay of Plenty


I am lucky enough to have been introduced to Biohawk products, thanks to the wonderful Jenny Hobbs from Upbeat Health..
The Lip Balm – Mint and Spice, is my most favorite so far. I have had great success in healing a problem spot on my lower lip.. My lip balm is never far away.

I use Relief, Bake Aid and Digest Easy in my daily food preparation, to make food more nutritious and help my tummy … and I have found my Kombucha has way more kick since using Digest Easy. It also goes nicely in my Wine 😃
I sift Bake Aid into my flour when baking and I make Ginger Oil using Relief powder and Olive Oil and add to sauces, Dairy Products, Eggs, Meat, Vegetables, Fruit, Drinks etc……I used to get a tight and bloated tummy sometimes but that hardly ever happens now … I feel clean on the inside.
The Spicy Goat – low allergy soap, is so wonderful with the slight exfoliate feel and pure creamy softness on the skin..
I also love Spicy Goat – Foot Soak … I have noticed a real warm zing when I use Biohawk Foot Soak. My feet feel alive. Amazing feeling. So nice to walk on straight after spa….Such a “Feel Good” thing to do for ones feet…
My  Skin is enjoying the benefits of the Smooth and Easy to apply Skin Rejuvenator – aloe & spice cream … this is so nourishing.

I have recently purchased the Essential Balm – emu oil, aloe & spice. Have tried it on my husband, massaging into his aches and pains … works nicely and nice to apply. Must try a Foot Massage!
I have used the Pine Crush as well … this is taken before meals … to fight infections

I must say my internal system is feeling really great right now… Such a good feeling to take care of ones own Body.. Inside and Out… 😊  KD;Waihi

Skin Care

I would like to share with you my results and reasons for using some of the Biohawk products.

I would like to start with the Spicy Goat – low allergy soap.
Having problems with finding a soap that does not make my skin itchy and dry has always been a problem in the past. I also have very thin skin on my hands and feet, another reason to avoid a lot of soaps. I find using the Biohawk soap does leave my skin soft and feeling like I have used an expensive body lotion, I even now am washing my face and sometimes my hair with it.

Another of the Biohawk products I benefit from is the DigestEasy.
It is easy to use and prevent for me the necessity of using antacids. It has even enhanced the taste of my daily glass of red wine! I also know that the food I am preparing with it will improve in quality and nutrition.

I am confident that the continued use of the Biohawk products will help me to stay as healthy as possible in the “Golden Years” of my life    Golden Girl;Katikati

Click this link for Dr Hawkins interview on using DigestEasy (wine drops)

Cystic Fibrosis

Update 28/01/2017

Hi Cliff, I hope things are going well for you. So, I’m not sure what I’ve last updated you with regarding C’s health since starting on the regime. But now we are officially 1 year in I will summarise everything (from the start till now) as thought you might like to know:
• 24 hours after starting he was running around like he hadn’t done in a very long time saying how good he felt
• 24 hours had no tummy bloating which was the first time in I think EVER
• 1 week later his poo went from being extremely pale (almost white) to normal colour
• 1 week after starting could no longer detect the excess salt off his skin in his sweat
• his tummy issues were resulting in frequent bouts of waking in the night and vomiting every couple of weeks. Hasn’t vomited once this year (and generally sleeps much better).
• his complexion changed within a few days. Always looked pale (almost grey looking) with dark circles under his eyes. This changed to what I could only describe as a healthy glow.
• had a sustained and significant increase in energy and a general contentment about him all year.
• these last 12 months we have had maybe 3 coughs THE WHOLE YEAR. None of which lasted more than a couple of days (used Pine Crush) so no antibiotics were used for coughs all year which has happened NEVER. He used to be sick all the time and on antibiotics for coughs lasting an absolute minimum of 2 weeks (temps lasting 4 days). The year prior was admitted to hospital for Iv antibiotics, the year before was in hospital for IVs twice for his lungs and on oral antibiotics I’d say 3/4 of the year. We certainly felt like we were on the slippery declining slope with his health!
• his CT scan this year was completely clear (doc said “I couldn’t wish for a better looking scan result”). No mucus pockets at all (with only a small scar patch that was present on his last scan and no worse). All his previous scans there was mucus plugs present to varying degrees
• lung function is 96% (unchanged) – so a stable lung function is awesome!
• weight and height is between the 75th and 90th %ile (this had started dropping off the few months before meeting you)
• we were doing physio twice a day every day (since Nov 2014), but around October last year they told us we only needed to do it once a day as he’s been doing so well
Other notes:
• he has been having a couple of nose issues this year/last year (persistent thick and sticky discharge)
• we notice he does get salty if we haven’t been vigilant with treating his food. It’s a good gauge on how we are going 😉
When we first told his doctor about it she was sceptical but said “I don’t have an objection to it”. But after the year we’ve had and we briefly discussed it again last week she said “I wouldn’t even dream of interfering in that because whatever your doing is obviously working. I could not be happier with how he’s going and he looks so healthy as well”
So wow, I could have never imagined having a random chat about general stuff with your wife on the plane that day would have made such a massive impact in our lives!!!! So I’d like to say from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU! you are a truly wonderful man and have made such a massive impact on all our lives every single day. Our quality of life has improved so much more then we could have ever dreamed possible after getting the news when he was a new baby about what we were facing with CF. I feel so lucky to have had that chance meeting!!!! Please also thank your wife for giving me the business card that day.
From one of your biggest fans C (K, C and E) 🙌

Feb 2016

Cliff, so thought I would let you know how things played out with C. On Friday his sore throat and blocked nose developed to a thick sounding cough. Got 3 doses of Pine Crush plus 3 doses of DigestEasy into him that day. Sounded bad by the end of the day (had the familiar sinking feeling that antibiotics were inevitable but we decided to hold off until Saturday to decide about that to give the Pine Crush a trial) Repeated the Pine Crush/ginger regime on Saturday resulted in 95% clearing of the cough by Saturday evening (only a slight catch when I asked him to huff and cough for me).

I did do 2 good physio clearing sessions as well plus 1 round of hypertonic saline but NEVER have we been able to clear a cough so fast (with hypertonic saline, physio and antibiotics).

Sunday repeated the Pine Crush/ginger regime again and he’s back at 100%! Simply amazing!!!!!!! Since starting with your products he’s never been so happy in his skin (I thought he was before this, but not when I compare how he is now). He’s never looked so good either, with a healthy glowing look about his complexion and no dark circles under his eyes! He does at time look a little bit bloated in the middle of the day, should I increase the ginger to 3X per day as standard treatment?
You are an absolute legend and I cannot thank you enough!!!!!!!!


You know Jenny, I think this is the best my tummy has ever felt … M;Katikati


Hi Cliff (Dr Hawkins)
You are amazing..
Thank you for helping all those who I have told to call/contact you. And for the many I have just put on your products.
They are all having great results.
I hope you don’t mind people contacting you.
With Love

Guess what Cliff (Dr Hawkins), I have my voice back. Only put the DigestEasy in twice yesterday and woke up with a voice. It has been extremely frustrating not being able to talk for so long.
Also my chest seems to have cleared overnight as well. Plus they have got pain more
controlled. Had a great sleep as well. So all in all feeling much better. Thanks so much Cliff.
Bless you D

Just a quick email to say hi! I hope you are well. Just to let you know I am still using your
amazing ginger, and have taken to toting it around in a salt and pepper shaker and putting it on all my food and drink. I remember what a mess I was physically when I first came an saw you in Brisbane. Fast forward nearly 3 years and I have moved to Melbourne and have an amazing job, and have just signed a lease on a beautiful apartment in Elwood, right near the beach.                                                                                                    I hope you are well, and your beautiful family. You need to bring your ginger to
Melbourne! I will always be so grateful for your help.
Kind regards

Good morning. Just to let you know that your Relief product is a LIFE CHANGER.

Other Testimonials:

Express Detox

After speaking with Jenny about a ‘spring clean’ she
suggested an Express Detox. This was an amazing decision and not difficult
to do, mostly. Two weeks is not a long time to give up some of the things I
enjoy so I embarked on the process. The detox itself was a revelation –
things surprised me all the time. The food was fresh and nourishing, the
impact on my body was wonderful. I had more energy, felt much calmer and
generally became more aware of and thankful for the things I take for
granted. I would recommend the Express Detox if you were tentative about
trying a detox because it is achievable and the benefits are really worth
it Jo Crean; client of Jenny’s

Detox for Wellness

I’ve always thought I’m a healthy person, never needing to go to the doctor, keeping fit and a healthy weight, eating well with fruit and veggies each day and low sugar.  But I was a little concerned about new niggly aches and pains and I recently started menopause and was getting extreme hot flushes especially in bed at night.  Over the last 10 years I’ve also had trouble being anxious and even had some panic attacks and realised I had started drinking wine at night to relax, then drinking coffee in the morning to get going, and I didn’t think this was all that good for me.  When Jenny first suggested the Integrated Detox for Wellness Program for 6 weeks I thought I could never go 6 weeks without a coffee or a wine, but the hot flushes plagued me and Jenny thought they might ease with the lifestyle changes in the program, so I made the commitment to toughen up and “just do it”.  Gluten/dairy/wine/coffee/sugar FREE but I could eat meat 🙂

WELL … no hot flushes at all and restful sleeping and … easy to get out of bed in the morning! sores inside my nose healed, more energy, feet not swelling, intercourse no longer painful, stools formed and pass easily, no bloating after meals, feeling calm and centred and I lost 4 kilos.  I now know I need to eat a lot more veggies and a lot less flour and other grains, I have stopped drinking coffee and found a yummy substitute (Teeccino) and I sometimes have a wine at the weekend.

I also know I have protected myself by spring cleaning my insides and getting the toxic rubbish stuck inside me out.  In the Bay of Plenty there are so many orchard sprays and chemicals and other pollutants in the environment that can harm us – so I think this program is brilliant and I think everyone would benefit from doing a 6 week Detox with Upbeat Health and Jenny to guide them Jeanie; Katikati

Detox Program

I visited Jenny for a minor but persistent health problem which she rectified very quickly.  Jenny then suggested, due to some aspects of my health history, that I do the 6 week detox program which I happily agreed to.  The re-education of my eating was brilliant.  Along with more sustained energy levels I have finally lost weight from problem areas I have had for years.  A tremendous result.  Throughout the program Jenny was helpful, encouraging and supportive Heather; Katikati

Detoxification Program

I am 27 years old and have been living in China for 3 years; when I returned to NZ this summer holiday I decided to do something about my health.  While in China I would frequently have colds, have bloating and indigestion and I had even begun bringing food back up after every meal.  I am so happy I decided to go and see Jenny, as I have already seen amazing changes.

Jenny recommended that I went onto a Detoxification Program, and through this and her wonderful support all the way along, I was able to make great changes to my lifestyle.  Jenny recommended that I go off dairy products and gluten.  She really made me think about what I was putting on and into my body.  The Detoxification really allowed my body to start afresh and really recover … after all the bad things I’d been putting into it.  It also made it a lot easier to then keep up the good habits I adopted while on the Detox, when I came off the Program .

When I returned to China I found that my stress levels were once again rising.  When I contacted Jenny she was very supportive and passed on strategies to work on this.

Since finishing the Detoxification Program and being off dairy and gluten, eating healthier and regularly exercising, I am seeing wonderful improvements.  I sleep better so I have more energy and I’ve become a morning person, walking my dog at 5.30am each day, which I never thought possible.  Sleeping better also allows me to be more focused during work and I no longer experience reflux, or bloating and indigestion after meals.

Overall, I am living life a lot better.

Thank you Jenny for all your wonderful encouragement and support! – KC; Katikati

Healthy Weight Management

I went on the Shake It Program after seeing Jenny at Upbeat Health, and lost 15 kilograms.

I had been taking reflux medication for 20 years and was very overweight.

Jenny also identified that I had an intolerance to milk and milk products.

I no longer take reflux medication and I have found Jenny’s help and advice to be invaluable so I have and would recommend Jenny to other people.

Jenny’s Awesome! – JT; Waihi

Detoxification Program

It is now three months since finishing my Detox Program with Jenny and it has been very beneficial.  Through the process I became much more aware of how what I ate affected my health.

Some of the positive benefits of the Detox have been: sleeping better, no bloating or indigestion and itchy rashes are now a thing of the past.  I had been taking Losec for 15 years and am very happy I no longer need this medication.  My over-all well being has improved significantly.

It took me quite a while to get my head around eating differently but Jenny was very patient and was able to clearly explain the process.  She was also available between appointments for advice and to answer questions.  At no time did I ever feel I was on my own.  I wish I had done this years ago.  Having completed the program I am now eating differently, I have more energy and will continue with what I have learned.  Thanks Jenny Bev; Athenree

 Detoxification Digestion and Rheumatoid Arthritis

“I have a lot to be thankful for, after the 12 week detox program Jenny put me on in 2007. It was one of the hardest things I’ve done in my life but I had good motivation to do so!!

I had Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Psoriasis and excruciating pain, which together were debilitating and had seriously diminished my quality of life.  I couldn’t do the simplest things like hanging up washing, preparing meals for my family, dressing myself easily, washing my hair … even driving the automatic vehicle became a struggle. I became depressed, which I had never experienced before in my life.  It was truly awful, I had forgotten what it was like to have a good laugh.

Then I was diagnosed with Chronic Rheumatoid Arthritis … and told I would be in a wheelchair in 5 years!

I decided to follow my gut instinct, and ignored the advice given by my neurologist and rheumatologist to use Methotrexate (a chemotherapy drug) for the rest of my life.  I rarely even took a Panadol so this was not the way for me.

I researched dietary changes and began to eliminate acidic foods from my diet and replace with wholesome alkaline foods.  I removed carbs (sugar and white flour), alcohol, coffee and dairy and even certain nuts! In 4-6wks I started to feel less pain and after 8mths I was so much better I decided to re-introduce my favourite foods (pasta) and coffee and wine.  Within days I was in pain, my bowel symptoms returned and I was terrified I was going back where I had come from.

I spoke to Jenny and she recommended doing a serious Integrated Detoxification Program of 12 weeks to Remove (bad bugs), Renew (good bugs) and Repair (the gastrointestinal tract).

Well, it worked a treat and along the way when I experienced a few hard times, Jenny was there to help and support me. The last phase was the hardest, but I’m so glad I stuck with it and I haven’t looked back.  I have been in remission now for 5 yrs.

I advise anyone with any chronic illness to go and seek advice from Jenny at Upbeat Health and you too could get your health and vitality back!  Life is to be enjoyed, not to be spent in misery thinking POOR ME!!  You must be proactive to get results that can be life changing.  Thank you so much Jenny, you’re a gem”  – Myriam; Perth WA


“I have been attending Jenny’s ChiBall classes at Pahoia school since they started around 1 year ago. It has been so great to have classes available to us locally.  They have been of huge benefit to me. As my body is no longer young and I have had spinal injuries in the past, I require exercise with movement that is not going to be too hard on my body. ChiBall offers me gentle stretching, muscle balancing, breathing and relaxation exercises. I feel much stronger, relaxed and more focused when I follow the Chiball methods [and I know when I miss a class]. I have never been a fitness fanatic and find the relaxed atmosphere Jenny creates and the new friendships made in class, make this an enjoyable way to improve my fitness”   – Tracy; Pahoia.

Detox Program

“I have recently completed the detox program with Jenny and am so pleased I did.
Weight loss, better sleep, happier outlook and an improved relationship with food are just some of the benefits I am currently enjoying and am confident will continue.
Throughout the process I found Jenny to be encouraging, supportive and knowledgeable and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her guidance to anyone considering doing the same.  Thanks Jenny”   LW; Hamilton.