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Autism, ADHD, Allergies, Asthma, Anxiety

Asking a child with biochemical imbalances to study harder or behave better is like asking a child with a broken leg to run faster. First you need to fix the source of the problem.

Children with neuro-psychological problems like ADHD, autism and depression often also suffer with dysfunction of the gut and digestion problems. Digestive health impacts on nutrients, toxins and infections, which drive oxidative stress and inflammation. Inflammation is central to a range of modern illnesses including heart disease, dementia, cancer and autism.

Help is at hand with an integrative treatment approach combining diet, nutritional supplementation, lifestyle, and a healthy home. A key aim is to restore the ‘natural balance’ by optimising cellular health, maximising nutrients and minimising toxins in the body.

With properly selected and sequenced treatments physical issues can be treated then the patient is better able to benefit from other therapies to address literacy, auditory, visual processing, motor coordination and behaviour.

For more information go to www.mindd.org or email Jenny @ Upbeat Health

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