Hello, I’m Jenny Hobbs, your practitioner at Upbeat Health.  I’m a Naturopath with a degree in Complementary Medicine and qualifications in herbal medicine and nutrition.

Over the years I’ve helped lots of people change their diet to take out common foods that are causing health problems, but in all cases making these changes is hard, especially for busy families and when the forbidden foods are everyones favourites, like breakfast cereals, bread and biscuits, milk, yoghurt and cheese.

I’m delighted to offer New Zealanders an alternative to restrictive diets with the product range from Biohawk Foundation in Brisbane. This revolutionary Treat Your Food – Treat Yourself protocol means people with Food Intolerances can use the Biohawk products to treat their food during preparation, which pre-digests away the problem parts of the food, making it safe to eat. And better still, more nutrients are available to the body from the treated foods, and Biohawk products can also deactivate some infectious bacteria and viruses with the same technology.

My business is now the New Zealand distributor for Biohawk Foundation and I am presenting the work of Dr Cliff Hawkins, the Biohawk products and their use, and information on Food Intolerance and Autoimmunity at FREE two hour presentations around the country. Please contact Jenny if you would like a free presentation in your area soon.


Qualifications ::  BHSc (Comp Med), ND (Adv)

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