The 2 Step Plan

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Use our Natural Digestion Aids daily and routinely in the preparation of your food:

  • to digest the proline-rich proteins so the immune system does not get hypersensitized and indeed is made far less sensitive to remove the symptoms of food intolerance and allergy and to turn off the genes for autoimmune diseases


  • to ensure foods’ total nutrition is available for metabolism before the food exits the small intestine


  • to ensure the pH of the large intestine remains above 6.2 so good bacteria can carry out their important role and bad bacteria are not cultured


Treat yourself by taking either Relief powder or DigestEasy after meals:

  • to ensure the foods’ proline-rich proteins have been totally digested and the immune system is calmed down to function normally with normal levels of cytokines and immunoglobulins so autoimmune disease genes are switched off


  • to activate macrophages to assist in the body’s natural repair system


  • to give a haircut to proline-rich proteins on the membranes of viruses, bacteria and other dangerous cells