Your Childs Health

the first 2 years

3 Months Before Conception

Prospective parents with food intolerance with a hypersensitized immune system are “sub-fertile” (Refer to our Food Intolerance and Sub-Fertility information sheet). They have great difficulty in conceiving a child and going full-term.  If one or both parents have food intolerance they must ensure no food with intact proline-rich proteins enters their digestive system and they should take one of the Biohawk ginger products daily.

9 Months Pregnancy

The mother must ensure her immune system stays calm throughout the pregnancy so the foetus develops normally and goes full term, and the baby is born with its immune system not hypersensitized.  If it is hypersensitized, as the baby has the innate ability to sense what food is a risk and what is good for it, the baby will detect its mother’s milk contains casein, a proline-rich protein that is a risk to the immune system, and will refuse to latch on to its mother’s breast.

12 Month’s Development

During the first 12 month’s the baby develops brain white matter, it learns to eat, move, communicate, its bones, tendons, ligaments and muscle cells all grow and develop quickly.

Correct nutrition is essential for these developmental processes to take place correctly up until weaning.  If the baby does not accept its mother’s milk that is designed to provide the correct nutrition, it has a serious problem.  A drop of DigestEasy placed under the baby’s tongue for each feed gives it the confidence to latch onto the mother’s breast (Refer to our Babies & Milk information sheet).  The alternatives are “formulas”, which are far inferior to its mother’s milk, and which mostly have proline-rich proteins.  Cow, goat or sheep milk with the proline-rich proteins digested with Relief or DigestEasy is a better choice.

If a baby does not receive good nutrition in the first year of its life, it becomes more difficult for it to undergo normal development for the rest of its life.